Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love you Much Candle

When I saw this technique, I thought it was the coolest EVER, and ran right out to Target to get a candle so I could come home and try it!

So - this is what you do. Take a small piece of tissue paper -- I used some from my gift wrap box -- make sure it is white. Stamp your image onto the tissue paper, either by using your stamp pad or with your markers. Then use your scissors and cut around the stamped image as close to the image as you possibly can. Next you are going to rip off a piece of wax paper, enough so that it wraps around the entire candle, and also leaves you a little room on the back for a 'handle'.

Line up your inked piece of tissue paper onto the candle, making sure that your inked image is facing UP! Then, wrap it in your piece of wax paper. Next you will take your heat gun and heat the image, just like you are embossing. You will notice that the image will take on the same 'glazed' effect that it does when you use the embossing powder. The tissue paper and inked image will essentially melt into the candle. Remove the wax paper, and now you have a beautiful stamped image on your candle!

I think I am going to try this with some different images, or possibly this image with alternate colors. Stay tuned! This one went as my gift to my hostess for Stamp Club!


Ink: Riding Hood Red

Technique: Embossing

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